About Zoom

Welcome to Zoom Studioz, a business that provides you high quality photography prints that everyone can enjoy. We know how important it is to decorate your home properly and just have fun with the decorative process. Thanks to Zoom Studioz you can finally do that.

Zoom Studioz is a two-person business. Our name is Zack and Mariah. Zack is the business marketer, whereas Mariah is the photographer. We both attended the Columbia College’s art school in Chicago. We created Zoom Studioz because we understand how challenging it can be for you to find the right home décor. Contemporary pieces are expensive and they don’t really offer the value and quality that you expect every time.

With Zoom Studioz, you can get just about any type of photography prints you want at the best prices on the market. This photo art is suitable for homes, offices, restaurant and any kind of business. Aside from canvas art, we also sell oversized art and a variety of other options.

Our business is specialized in double exposure and reflection photography. This means you can easily bring your room to life with outstanding, one of a kind art pieces that everyone will appreciate and enjoy at all times. We are always committed to offering the best art on the market. Mariah has been a photographer for 12 years and she has a very good eye for detail. On top of that, we are both passionate about traveling the world and finding new places to explore all the time. We bring those unique places that you might never visit right into your living room.

On the Zoom Studioz website you can find both prints and canvas art. And we don’t shy away from working on any size, be it 30x40 or 8x10. We understand that every room is different and finding proper home décor for it can be a challenge. Thankfully, we can easily work on any type of print or canvas regardless of its size, and you can obtain great results from it.

In case you need a special size, you can get in touch with us and our team will be more than happy to assist. Also, you should know that our work doesn’t involve any Photoshop, we just use Adobe Lightroom for minimal touches and slight post-processing.

If you want to bring your office or room back to life with outstanding, contemporary home décor, contact us today. We can easily provide you with some of the best canvas or photo art!